Who is SYBYR? TBD...Watch his music video for "Talisman" / by Maxwell Young

Songbyrd Music House hosted a slew of DMV’s underground emcees in support of WIFIGAWD and The Khan last Thursday evening in Washington, D.C.

Courtesy of SYBYR’s  Instagram

Courtesy of SYBYR’s Instagram

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the show was DMV native, New York transplant SYBYR’s track, “Talisman.” Donning black lipstick and mis-matched camouflage, he slowed down the pace, ushering moshers into a subdued bop. Formerly known as Syringe, SYBYR channeled enigmatic energies, rapping “Like the talisman, had to make my own magic—balance in the hand.” By the end of the song, the vibe was caught, heads nodding along in support.

SYBYR has added context to this track, releasing the music video to “Talisman” early this morning. The glitchy visuals directed and produced by Bic Flame and Landfill, respectively, feature the rapper in what appears to be an abandoned house—the perfect canvas for graffiti alluding to anarchy and disorder. SYBYR looks comfortable in this realm as we see him rapping through broken window panes and on-top of tables that haven’t been used in years.

Anti-World” is the name of the collective SYBYR reps along with 18 other artists. Its logo, a hand-drawn, exed-out globe, looks like a spider or a gauged eye off first glance. That and the demon illustration that quickly overlays SYBYR’s face in his latest music video are reminiscent of D.C. legend Sir E.U, particularly his M a D a G a S C a R album cover, although we’re unsure of any influences. What is certain, though, is how much of a rage that show would be—a bill featuring the “Hippodramidan” and SYBYR—two of the most eccentric artists we’ve encountered here in the District of Columbia to date.

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