Role Model's First Song - "Cocaine Babe" / by Alex Young

Artwork by  Jacob Finch

Artwork by Jacob Finch

Nowadays a role model can be anyone and anything. A role model used to be parents or community figures like a pastor, but consumerism and popular culture make idols out of a lot of things, perhaps athletes or types of artists and maybe even drugs.

The point here is role models influence how we act and who we want to be, and individual preference selects the person or thing to absorb.

Find importance on this topic of influence in regards to "Role Model," a musician from Maine. He speaks beautifully about respecting the valuable opportunities life provides in his new song "Cocaine Babe."

Role Model challenges listeners to appreciate purities rather than vices.

"There's more to life than getting high... Never seen someone so dedicated to numbing their pain. Well wake up and smell the roses, baby, instead of that cocaine," he sings.

These words with Role Model's song are pertinent because people should understand what affects them affects others. If we all focus on having genuine interactions and if we admire genuine people, society's influences might come from more positive places.

"Cocaine Babe" sits noteworthy due to the considerate thoughts and as Role Model's first song since changing his name from Dillis. The new track certainly carries a different energy than Dillis' previous hip-hop work. Role Model grows, and he explores the indie rock genre in "Cocaine Babe," which Tom Sheils produces

Whether fans and newcomers to Role Model take his name with a grain of salt is up to them, but valuable messages in song will always find respect.