Get to Know the FairRose and Sussioty Collectives / by Alex Young

Orian Villa x Prezident at The Observatory, Santa Ana, Calif.

Orian Villa x Prezident at The Observatory, Santa Ana, Calif.

In the sub-cultures of hip-hop, plagued by monotony, standing out amidst the sea of young, energetic rappers is no easy feat. Los Aneles rap collectives FairRose and Sussioty have managed to set themselves apart from the pack with a perspective and level of versatility, few-- if any of-- their peers possess.

Cohesively, the L.A. crews integrate, some of the artists have dual memberships to each collective and other bands. The FairRose members are as follows: Apollo, Cereal Witness, Gigi Envy, Nile Villa, Frankie Jax No Mad, and Xae. Whereas DJ Amack, Orian Villa x Prezident, as well as Nile Villa x PyramidKid represent Sussioty, pronounced like "suss" in suspects or suspicious and "ioty" like in society.

Essentially, collaboration is a core value for both FairRose and Sussioty. While Nile Villa creates music within both camps, he and Xae were previously in a punk group together called The Hungry Eyes. Cereal Witness and Gigi Envy are a separate duo called The Stonewvlls. Apollo and Frankie started making music three years ago, and they set the foundation for FairRose together last year. Nile founded Sussioty.

Both music entities are staunch symbols for the enterprising and candid spirit that fills L.A.'s air. "The name FairRose comes from the cross streets Fairfax Avenue and Melrose Avenue," Apollo says, which have to be among the coolest streets in the country due to the sub-cultural consumerism available in the district. "We represent a culture that is viewed as suspicious by the general norm," Orian says of Sussioty.

The groups float from show to show throughout Los Angeles, and they have established themselves as the go-to opening acts for some of your favorite rappers. "Opening up for the Suicide Boys at the Novo DTLA - That shit was banging," Sussioty writes to ITR in an email. FairRose recalls their experience opening up for GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan at The Novo as one of their most memorable shows. They fit the bill with other artists like Warren G and they can heat the stage for the underground elites like Xavier Wulf, who FR and Sussioty opened up for at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif. and another time at The Novo.

Moreover, give credit to FairRose and Sussioty for their many opening acts because they show that the groups' music can entertain eclectic audiences.

Further, their authentic and positive approach provides more performance opportunities. It would be hard not to feel welcome at a FairRose and Sussioty function when they "encourage free-thinking, independence, and creativity," Orian says.

Currently, the two hip-hop groups have the skill to establish themselves as premier entertainers with dynamic and expanding music catalogs. FairRose explains their style saying "Imagine if Common, Madlib, Fugees, Wu-Tang, Black Moon, MF Doom, and Atmosphere made a baby," and no one explains it better than that. Sussioty delivers a contrast citing Rob Banks, Xavier Wulf and Three 6 Mafia as comparable artists.

Coming soon, FairRose and Sussioty will both release group projects in the form of E.P.s and L.P.s, and they will continue to perform and collaborate together throughout the L.A. area and beyond, like Austin, Texas where Sussioty will have a performance at SXSW on March 16.