DMV Music Update by Maxwell Young

OG Lullabies, Chris Allen, The Khan, Dreamcast, Nappy Nappa & Pat Cain, and Winzday Love

New Def Jam Records signee, Beau Young Prince photographed by  @iamjakewashere .

New Def Jam Records signee, Beau Young Prince photographed by @iamjakewashere.

The last several weeks have been loaded with major releases and announcements within the DMV music community.  Odd Mojo's remix collaboration with MILK$ featured on the Sounds of D.C. vol. II playlist and the surprise drop of Tony Kill and Sir E.U's joint project African American Psycho feel like timely additions to the sonic landscapes.  Moreover, budding stars Rico Nasty and Beau Young Prince celebrated record label signings with Atlantic and Def Jam, respectively.  Let's recap some of the other music that's been released by DMV artists recently.

OG Lullabies - Raw Channels Vol. I

A virtuoso--adept in violin, guitar, piano, and other instruments I am no doubt missing--OG Lullabies has given listeners a streamlined version of her sound with a short EP, Raw Channels Vol. I.  It's a soothing contrast from her cosmic sounding project Cruescontrol, which she debuted earlier this year.  Focusing on her unique vocals and acoustics, the entire EP runs under six minutes.  Be sure to give her rendition of "Dream a Little Dream of Me" a listen, available on all streaming platforms.

Chris Allen - "60 Seconds"

Maybe you've heard songwriter Chris Allen perform his Ashes EP in Pittsburgh, but his roots are in Washington, D.C.  His latest track, "60 Seconds" leverages a Jay Rock sample as his theme of spirituality delivers an uplifting message, "You will not fall to the wayside."  InTheRough will have more from Allen soon.

The Khan - Free Jesse: The Mixtape

Still embarked on the Resurrection Tour with Sick Boy Rari (AKA Black Kray) and Wifigawd, The Khan has released his follow up mixtape to Khanner.  Both tour mates are on the project converting their hectic shows into a pocket-sized rage mosh-able anywhere. Should you need proof, check out Khan's wild night at Uptown Art House.

Dreamcast - "Throat"

Dreamcast teased the visuals to his latest song, "Throat" way back in January.  Shot in a cabin deep in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Dreamcast is seen bedridden, emotionally paralyzed following the collapse of a relationship.  Read more about the Kevin Chamber directed video in the soulful singer's second media hit by The Fader.  Stay tuned for Dreamcast's long awaited EP, which is set to be completed by end of summer.

Nappy Nappa & Pat Cain - Model Home

Pat Cain at Uptown Art House photographed by Maxwell Young.

Pat Cain at Uptown Art House photographed by Maxwell Young.

Nappy Nappa follows up his latest individual project, +HEARTMATH+ REQUIEM UV UNIVERSAL REQUEST--a 35-minute mix on SoundCloud that nods to the modern wave of hip hop--with experimental textures in Model Home.  The eleven-track tape is a joint effort with experimentalist/audio engineer/saxophonist/tinkerer, Pat Cain. This pairing becomes even deadlier and less predictable when they become Delta 7, a quartet including Sir E.U and Tony Kill. A project looms at large according to fellow member of Lads, Auto Dickerson.

Winzday Love - "DRAGONS"

Winzday Love is full of cosmic energy, and according to her latest single, "DRAGONS" she's walked this earth before.  Love sings, "Yes, yes. We are 1000 years old," as she dances in front of meditating band members Kwesi Lee, Alireza, and Airospvce.  We'll wait and see if a full project is on the horizon since this is her first official video/single release.



Listen To Dreamcast's SoundCloud Bests on The Lost Tape by Maxwell Young

All those hits from Dreamcast Burymeinamink vol. ii & vol. iii are now thankfully in one place.  Download The Lost Tape today.

Davon Bryant AKA "Dreamcast" had a momentous 2017.  He found himself exploring the streets of London and Amsterdam thanks to the warm reception of his vinyl release of two funk, soul tracks "Liquid Deep" and "Summer Love."  D.C. based label Peoples Potential Unlimited, an esoteric record company focused on 80s funk preservation and discovering some of the best underground boogie, funk, and dance music, was responsible for the distribution of the seven inch.  Good luck trying to get your hands on the novelty, though--Dreamcast's record sold out.

"Primarily because the scene--this future funk, Dam-Funk, Sasac sort of style--never really had had a vocalist on the whole scene.  That's a shit load of producers who do it but don't have a vocalist and so "Liquid Deep" just sprouted, which is fun," he said in his Uptown Interview.

To cap the year, Bryant also found himself in a spotlight feature by The Fader.

His latest project, an LP called The Lost Tape, is a long-awaited compilation of tracks that Bryant had teased on SoundCloud to only leave listeners disappointed who came back to his page finding certain grooves missing.

DB: I like to experiment with a track...were you listening to that second project, Dreamcast vol. ii?

ITR: Yea, man.  Why the fuck did you delete "Devil's Red Dress" from SoundCloud?


DB: I want to put it back because I've gotten backlash from taking that shit down.

"Devil's Red Dress" is an ultimate rock ballad produced by Fat Kneel that Bryant said just sort of happened after a night of libations.  You can't go wrong with any of the ten tracks off The Lost Tape, honestly.  It opens with a chopped version of Three 6 Mafia's "Sippin on Some Syrup," while "Lonely Hearts Club," "Do You Wanna Go," and "Locked Up" allow Dreamcast's soulful vocals to shine through.

The Lost Tape is available for purchase on Bandcamp.  Let this release tide you over until Dreamcast's debut album set to drop later 2018.

Watch Jenna Camille's Roseanne Inspired Video for "Up & Down" by Maxwell Young

Jenna Camille plays a deflated wife vying for her husband's lust in the new video for her single, "Up & Down."

"I got this idea of writing this song about a working-class couple whose still trying to find the time to keep the spark going," she says in her upcoming 'Uptown Interview.'  "The video is inspired by Roseanne where Dan, her husband, is having dreams about another woman, and she's trying to figure out why he's not into having sex with her anymore...and trying to find ways to make their sex-life work."

Art work designed by  St. Clair Castro , CMPVTR CLVB.

Art work designed by St. Clair Castro, CMPVTR CLVB.

Davon Bryant AKA Dreamcast, who's been featured in the Sounds of D.C. playlist and most recently in The Fader, plays disinterested Dan.  Both Camille and Bryant are consistent supporters of one another's artistry; find them in attendance at each other's D.C. shows, but perhaps there is an ulterior motive behind this collaboration.

"I feel like this is a question that could get me in trouble..." Camille said when asked why Dreamcast was the subject of choice.  "Well, one because to be honest--Davon--I feel the most comfortable with him as a leading person.  And two, because...don't make me answer that!"

"Up & Down" is now available on Bandcamp, where you can also download an exclusive Michael Jackson outro performed live at 9:30 Club.  Watch the video above.

Free, Jenna Camille's next album is on the way, stay tuned.