Listen To Dreamcast's SoundCloud Bests on The Lost Tape by Maxwell Young

All those hits from Dreamcast Burymeinamink vol. ii & vol. iii are now thankfully in one place.  Download The Lost Tape today.

Davon Bryant AKA "Dreamcast" had a momentous 2017.  He found himself exploring the streets of London and Amsterdam thanks to the warm reception of his vinyl release of two funk, soul tracks "Liquid Deep" and "Summer Love."  D.C. based label Peoples Potential Unlimited, an esoteric record company focused on 80s funk preservation and discovering some of the best underground boogie, funk, and dance music, was responsible for the distribution of the seven inch.  Good luck trying to get your hands on the novelty, though--Dreamcast's record sold out.

"Primarily because the scene--this future funk, Dam-Funk, Sasac sort of style--never really had had a vocalist on the whole scene.  That's a shit load of producers who do it but don't have a vocalist and so "Liquid Deep" just sprouted, which is fun," he said in his Uptown Interview.

To cap the year, Bryant also found himself in a spotlight feature by The Fader.

His latest project, an LP called The Lost Tape, is a long-awaited compilation of tracks that Bryant had teased on SoundCloud to only leave listeners disappointed who came back to his page finding certain grooves missing.

DB: I like to experiment with a track...were you listening to that second project, Dreamcast vol. ii?

ITR: Yea, man.  Why the fuck did you delete "Devil's Red Dress" from SoundCloud?


DB: I want to put it back because I've gotten backlash from taking that shit down.

"Devil's Red Dress" is an ultimate rock ballad produced by Fat Kneel that Bryant said just sort of happened after a night of libations.  You can't go wrong with any of the ten tracks off The Lost Tape, honestly.  It opens with a chopped version of Three 6 Mafia's "Sippin on Some Syrup," while "Lonely Hearts Club," "Do You Wanna Go," and "Locked Up" allow Dreamcast's soulful vocals to shine through.

The Lost Tape is available for purchase on Bandcamp.  Let this release tide you over until Dreamcast's debut album set to drop later 2018.

Mix by Cautious Clay for InTheRough by Maxwell Young

Cautious Clay's biggest influences are soul and jazz because growing up that's what his parents were playing--I'm talking The Delfonics and crooners, like Jill Scott.  As he continues to hone his musicality on the flute and saxophone as well as the control of music production and beat making, his ear has always been pointed toward the future.  

I’m really about this future beats thing, just the concept and the perspective on music, like making music that’s oriented towards the future...making your own sound in a way that’s more respectively you, not just beats.
— Josh Karpeh AKA Cautious Clay

In Clay's exclusive mix for InTheRough, the past, present and future are beautifully amalgamated into a 19-minute groove.   We can hear the nostalgia of his upbringing as "Golden" by Jill Scott makes its way to the foreground, yet we also get a grasp of his ability to mesh contemporary sounds as he transitions to "Her" by Majid Jordan.  The futurism of Cautious Clay's track doesn't necessarily transport you to the year 2080, but the house synths, funky rhythms and piano melodies that move us in and out of each song within the mix are authentically his.  The array of sounds makes you move.  Listen to Clay's mix below and be sure to download it for future listening pleasures.

Liana Bank$ - Off by Alex Young

"I've always found it alluring, the way we buy clothes to please the eye, and the eye in turn only wishes to remove them," says Liana Banks, a New York native songstress.

While Banks explains her latest single, "Off," her vocals evoke sensuality and caress listeners into the mood. With each release, following her success on "LVLUP," Banks gives tastes of her future debut project, and her soulful sounds. Enjoy "Off" below.

Liana Bank$ Dates Commas Not People by Alex Young

Liana Banks, a 25 year-old singer and songwriter from Queens, New York, garners attention for her effort on her debut single "LVLUP."  The song is aptly featured on ITR's "Run and Tell" playlist and also reached number 10 on Spotify's United Kingdom Viral Chart.

Since riding her wave of success, Liana keeps her momentum following up her debut with a track taken from her forthcoming Insubordinate mixtape. The new single, titled "M.O.N." (Money Over N*ggas), is sage advice made more appreciable by its R&B and soul tones.

"People will hurt you. Commas won't. Date commas," Liana says.

The interesting fact is this statement would very rarely come from a male. Sometimes males have no regard for females' emotions and have doggish behavior towards the women they interact with. Sometimes males' pursuit to money is just as much of a vice as is the p*ssy. True or untrue, these statements come from the mind of a male, so I hear the songstress on focusing her attention on stacking paper and finding love later. "Find someone who can add to your money so instead of your own personal stack, y'all can have stacks on stacks together," my girlfriend hopes for Liana. Companionship over everything.

Either way, listen to "M.O.N." below and stay tuned for Liana's mixtape release date. 

InTheRough - Run and Tell (Playlist) by Alex Young

+ Binge watching 'Game of Thrones' is suggested. The only takeaway is: do not walk through the forests alone.

+ You are sure you want to vote for Trump?

+ No respect from spraying bullets.

+ Do good business unless you want to fuck up a check or relationships.

+ Eating fruit can cause happiness.

+ "Trust your struggle," said Jace, part of Two-9 quintet, in his latest mixtape.

+ Who are you without a woman?