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Realize Joel Kellem's Rap Ability by Alex Young

Joel Kellem and Pk Delay photographed by  New School Photos

Joel Kellem and Pk Delay photographed by New School Photos

To celebrate 22-years-of-life, Joel Kellem had an energetic birthday party wittily dubbed "Pretty Chill," and released new music.

The party took place at a bar in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh on Butler Street, Gus's Cafe. More than 200 people attended and stood on things or on someone's shoulders and made fun for Kellem's birthday celebration. Catch footage on social media if you did not experience the festivities.

Also, along with his good friend and fellow rapper Pk Delay, together Chill God Kellen and Pretty P Pk shared their song "Up!" The track carries a good mood because most everyone is happy for their birthday.

While reports on the new song come today, additionally, Kellem and visual artist Jordan Beckham present "REAL EMCEES ONLY," video of the Chill God spitting sixteen sixteens contrasted with Beckham's striking pink studio background.

Realize Kellem's rap ability below and stay up to date with the artist by following him on social networks, like Twitter. Happy belated birthday, Chill God.