Mars Jackson

Mars Jackson - Sorry Not Sorry by Alex Young

Mars Jackson photographed by Chancelor Humphrey of Keep Pittsburgh Dope

Mars Jackson photographed by Chancelor Humphrey of Keep Pittsburgh Dope

A hip-hop head is someone knowledgeable about hip-hop. True heads know the originators of styles and sounds aligned to geographic regions across the country. Hip-hop heads are aware of the underground, rising talent. Overall, a hip-hop head is well-researched.

Mars Jackson has been around Pittsburgh's music scene long enough, and he has the credentials to be considered a hip-hop don. The 30-year-old rapper has put on 50 live shows throughout the city, and he has created a culture with legends like Boaz while pop-icons Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller grew out of The 'Burgh to head for national attention.

Listeners of Mars understand the respect that he has for hip-hop artistry as a whole. He works with skillful musicians who have experience. Mars and local talent Nice Rec masterfully produced the album "I'm Just Being Nice." Nice Rec, a producer, has credits to rappers like Curren$y and Domo Genesis.

Mars' latest song carries a West Coast flavor. Instead of capturing a California sound in Western Pennsylvania, Mars went straight to the source for his track "Sorry Not Sorry." Larry Jayy, a Los Angeles beat-maker linked to DJ Mustard and Y.G., produces the music. Who Mars works with and what he talks about appreciates hip-hop culture.

Authenticity features in Mars Jackson's newest song which people can listen to below. Also, be on the lookout for Mars' debut album coming soon, and a live open mic night at Spirit bar where don Mars will share some performance knowledge or lend an ear to acts.

Mars Jackson Compiles Mixtape of Past Unreleased Songs by Alex Young

"BIC 2"

"BIC 2"

Mars Jackson is an appealing listen because of his good spirit. When people read his song or tour titles, and hear his music his happiness is obvious. "I'm Just Being Nice" names a mixtape that complimented his "What A Nice Tour." "Shine" and "Enjoy" title songs from a two-year-old extended play called "The Highlight." He raps, "The moment, hey when you not havin' fun that's when life feel like a burden," in his and Nice Rec's song "Who You Are."

The newest effort by the Pittsburgh musician offers plenty of good advice thanks to his insight. 

A few universal takeaways from Mars Jackson's latest mixtape, "Because I Could," are as follows:

+ For those who smoke reefer, "if you ain't coppin' or matchin' then you highly mistaken." (song "Sunny Pittsburgh")

+ Universal awareness is, "knowledge is power, power is key." (song "Ahh Shxt")

+ Sex is good for the soul, but, "can't forget the foreplay." (song "Panties")

+ "Break bread with the doubters" because you have to show love to everybody, even the people who do not believe in you. (song "The Life")

Interestingly, Mars Tweets that he has massive songs, so his "Because I Could" project samples all the tracks he had sitting in the to-be-released cue. The music is also a continuation of Mars' "Because I Can" extended play, and nicknamed "BIC 2." Additionally, the tracks are compiled from past years 2011-2014. The music exposes listeners to various times and styles of the rapper's life and skill, like during the making of his 2013 released "Hype Chill" mixtape, which he shouts out in BIC 2's song "Ahh Shxt," created in 2012.

A specialty is added to "BIC 2" because shutdown, NFL cornerback of Revis Island, Darrelle Revis, features on the project too. Of his song "Damn She Think She Slick" with the Pittsburgh by way of Aliquippa, Pa. football player, Mars says, "I think my song with him is better than Mac Miller's song!"

Explore past sounds from rapper Mars Jackson below and look out for his forthcoming "Unemployed Faith" album.

Mars Jackson - Jack$ino 2 by Alex Young

"When Mars speaks niggas listen."

The lyrics end a song called "Jack$ino," released by Mars Jackson last year, in which the Pittsburgh artist motivates with confident bars. He declares himself "the new prince of the city," a title that foreshadowed the rappers' current ascension.

Mars' puts in hard work for "family reasons," and it is paying off, as he capitalizes off a Misra Records deal, shows relatable qualities in his latest project, "I'm Just Being Nice," and, at the moment, relishes in a Pittsburgh only tour.

Continuing to progress, Mars makes headlines for a new effort, "Jack$ino 2." The rapper upgrades his crown in light of his recent success, and says in the song, "I remain humble on some king shit." Flaunting nothing other than his musical prowess, Mars is having fun, along with being nice.

His friendly qualities attract listeners and concert goers alike. Enjoy "Jack$ino 2" below and see Mars Jackson June 4 at Spirit Lodge for Layer Cake Festival, a music festival with 170 plus bands, and June 5 at Club Cafe, as he opens for JMSN, who tours nationally for his new R&B album, "It Is." Check more of Mars Jackson's tour dates here.

Spirit Lodge

242 51st Street

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Club Cafe

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