VibeRotation 27 by Alex Young

We've been sitting on a lot of good music, tracks for the pregame, the club, the ride home, and the morning after. Listen to the new VibeRotation playlist from start to finish or pick around our selections. Find a roundup of some songs by Pittsburgh artists like rappers Linwood and Mikey P, as well as songstress Sierra Sellers. Trap-star Reese Youngn has a heater in "Microwave." The hometown hero Wiz Khalifa teamed up with Ugly God for a " No Lies" track thats gains national attention. Be turnt to "Bodak Yellow," "Plain Jane," and "Jugg," a trio of songs that provide the most energy.

Enjoy three hours of new music for the three colorways of ITR T-shirts we are soon to release.

VibeRotation 25 by Alex Young

Here is a playlist dedicated to InTheRough staff's experiences that we've had and the songs that we've heard over the last few weeks. The kids' energy has been crazy at parties like Bounce 4 at Spirit Lodge in Pittsburgh or the 4.20 theme banger we threw in D.C. The time we've spent with young rappers like Blackboi and Zolo of the 'Burgh's Sanguine team put us in touch with new music. The communities' consistent creative outputs inspires us to find new artists to enjoy.

In VibeRotation 25, the music reflects ITR's D.C., Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh locations. The scene in D.C. is diverse with different moods that still hit on contemporary hip-hop. The genre-bending nature of the city influences the music. Pay attention to rappers SIR E.U in his song "Navy Blue coupe," as well as lineformation (M.I.L.F.). Across the coast, kids in L.A. and elsewhere listen to Chicago native WARHOL.SS who gains national attention as a parallel to Chief Keef. JR also wants people to be aware of guitarist Steve Lacy who has credits on Kendrick Lamar's new "DAMN." album. Pittsburgh remains relevant with the help of rapper Slicky Williams and his pleasant tune "Me You Us." Slick always comes through with something catchy. Also, become familiar with more Sanguine members, like Ant Windu.

Listen to the playlist below and click on the artists' SoundCloud profiles. Explore new music more.

VibeRotation 24 by Alex Young

ITR Tee photograph by  @draie_96

ITR Tee photograph by @draie_96

+ Have a good music catalog that has a balance between classic and contemporary styles, as well as local and national artists

+ 24 of the 55 songs on this VibeRotation playlist were selected by Los Angeles staff, and the other 31 were selected by Pittsburgh staff - hear different styles of music in different regions of America/the world

+ Find Lil Traffic as a notable artist from the West coast

+ Pittsburgh artists like blackboi. light up the radar - 9 "Pixburghers" contribute to this crazy set (did y'all see Jimmy Wopo represent The 'Burgh on HYPEBEAST?) 

+ The UK been here

+ Most lit part comes between tracks 7-30 (yes, that many bangers)

+ Quality energies come from They., ALEICIA and Balance510

VibeRotation 22 by Alex Young

InTheRough returns to its VibeRotation playlist series.

This mix of music is about sound through the sentiments fall brings forth. ITR staff also remains committed to delivering new, familiar, and unfamiliar music.

Quickly turn up with A$AP Mob's new song called "Crazy Brazy," then tap into sonic senses with tracks like the one produced by Willow Smith, "Its NOT THAT BAD" by Los Angeles producer Kintaro, or "The Other" by another L.A. product, Saígo.

Enjoy new music in your life courtesy of VibeRotation 22 below.