VibeRotation 24 / by Alex Young

ITR Tee photograph by  @draie_96

ITR Tee photograph by @draie_96

+ Have a good music catalog that has a balance between classic and contemporary styles, as well as local and national artists

+ 24 of the 55 songs on this VibeRotation playlist were selected by Los Angeles staff, and the other 31 were selected by Pittsburgh staff - hear different styles of music in different regions of America/the world

+ Find Lil Traffic as a notable artist from the West coast

+ Pittsburgh artists like blackboi. light up the radar - 9 "Pixburghers" contribute to this crazy set (did y'all see Jimmy Wopo represent The 'Burgh on HYPEBEAST?) 

+ The UK been here

+ Most lit part comes between tracks 7-30 (yes, that many bangers)

+ Quality energies come from They., ALEICIA and Balance510