Tony Cruise's new mix sounds like something out of The Matrix Reloaded by Maxwell Young

Tony Cruise Dj-ing at  Full Service Radio . Polaroid by Maxwell Young

Tony Cruise Dj-ing at Full Service Radio. Polaroid by Maxwell Young

Early Wednesday, ROOM, whose scant SoundCloud and Instagram bios proclaim “freedom of association,” premiered a 48-minute live mix by Tony Cruise.  The first streamable offering since the release of his 2018 LP, Replica, features the trademark cacophony and distortions that Cruise explores in his productions and live instrumentations.  Recorded at The Line Hotel in Washington, D.C., disco, house, drum & bass, and rave tracks are contorted to create this sonic composition that, for me, is reminiscent of the sex scene in The Matrix Reloaded, where Neo and Trinity escape a subterranean, dystopian rave—not to be mistaken for Tech Yes— to have prophecy-ordained coitus.

Stay tuned to InTheRough pages as we talked with Aamir Khuller, the designer of Cruise’s Replica cover art and website.  That interview drops next week.