DJ TOPGUN Drops House Mix by Alex Young

DJ Topgun

DJ Topgun

The last time I checked in with DJ Topgun was at his release party for his album called “RAGER.” The compilation record features artists he’s built friendly relationships within his native Ohio, like Freshie or 55 Bagz, or nationally with rappers like Lil Xan who he went on the “Xanarchy” tour with as the DJ. At One Up Skate Shop in Pittsburgh’s South Side, the party was as advertised, a lit rage with pizza, beer and mosh pits, mosh pits are becoming Topgun’s signature. He knows how to ignite the crowd with proper hip-hop, but also at the party, Topgun flexed the range in his musical catalog. He played a 1987 true house tune called “Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson. I said, “What! Okay Topgun!” He took a risk that must’ve been the skater in him. DJ Topgun should trust his instincts all the time because they pay off, especially here as he releases a 45-minute house mix, which he credits DJ RB (of Make Sure You Have Fun events) for hyping him up to take this leap. As a supporter, be proud of Topgun’s talent and where he’s pushed his craft. Run his “Fried House Mix” below.

Room Haus enlists Tooth Choir for their latest mix, 'FALTER' by Maxwell Young

ROOM delivers their 21st mix featuring Tooth Choir. Play it if you like house. Play it if you like to dance.

Tooth Choir  is also a bass player in D.C.-based band Go Cozy. Polaroid by Maxwell Young

Tooth Choir is also a bass player in D.C.-based band Go Cozy. Polaroid by Maxwell Young

Julian Oliver aka Tooth Choir can be spotted in Washington, D.C.’s underground music scenes. See him above casually playing bass at Gillead Gaari’s communal rave in January. During another outing, I caught him on the decks at Tech Yes where he’s usually amongst the crowd dancing—a consistent frequenter of the weekly series.

He taps back into the groove with this 52-minute mix, “FALTER,” that blurs ambient, house, garage, and techno genres. My dinner prep was slowed last night, taking impromptu dance breaks to feel these varied rhythms.

You can catch another of Tooth Choir’s mixes on SoundCloud that he did for Steam Sesh radio in early 2019. Otherwise, he’s been relatively quiet with music releases, admitting to me that he’s ruminating on some concepts. Stay tuned to InTheRough pages as we await his follow up to Light Rhythms, a six track EP he released last May.

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Tooth Choir Falter mix in the bio.

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Tony Cruise's new mix sounds like something out of The Matrix Reloaded by Maxwell Young

Tony Cruise Dj-ing at  Full Service Radio . Polaroid by Maxwell Young

Tony Cruise Dj-ing at Full Service Radio. Polaroid by Maxwell Young

Early Wednesday, ROOM, whose scant SoundCloud and Instagram bios proclaim “freedom of association,” premiered a 48-minute live mix by Tony Cruise.  The first streamable offering since the release of his 2018 LP, Replica, features the trademark cacophony and distortions that Cruise explores in his productions and live instrumentations.  Recorded at The Line Hotel in Washington, D.C., disco, house, drum & bass, and rave tracks are contorted to create this sonic composition that, for me, is reminiscent of the sex scene in The Matrix Reloaded, where Neo and Trinity escape a subterranean, dystopian rave—not to be mistaken for Tech Yes— to have prophecy-ordained coitus.

Stay tuned to InTheRough pages as we talked with Aamir Khuller, the designer of Cruise’s Replica cover art and website.  That interview drops next week.

InTheRough - Max Out (Playlist) by Alex Young

Via meaxwelly Snapchat

Via meaxwelly Snapchat

+ "Max Out" is a playlist inspired by a twin who has more money than the other twin.

+ Pittsburgh representatives will feature on every InTheRough playlist, duh. Livefromthecity is a new addition, and Slicky Williams and Eight by Two accompany him.

+  "They think I need to refocus/ They think that I'm smoking" ~ Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers running back, in "Focus."

+ RB of lifestyle label FarESH Brand knows good music. He put me d to "no no" by Monte Booker.

A$AP Ferg Featuring Missy Elliot - Strive by Alex Young

Photo by  Zachary Chick

Photo by Zachary Chick

"You can be you today... I can see it in your face and I know you want to fly so get off your ass and create your life," A$AP Ferg declares in his new song with Missy Elliot.

The single, "Strive," is taken from Ferg's impending Always Strive And Prosper album. Producers DJ Mustard and Stelios Phili provide house dance flavors to accommodate the queen of groove, Missy Elliot.

Pick up A$AP Ferg's latest album April 22, and let "Strive" motivate you below.