Travels 1/11/15 (Playlist) / by Alex Young

Today I am traveling back to school. To put it simply, the sounds of the airport and the organized chaos can be stressful or calming, even if you are a seasoned traveller. For me, they are stressful and nerve wracking because heaven forbid you lose focus, get lost, or get caught in the careless scrums and miss your flight (hasn't happened to me, yet). How have I remedied the stress? As soon as I step through the airport doors the headphones go on and do not come off until I have reached my destination. Knowing this, the night before my travels are usually spent adding music to my iTunes library in preparation for the long day. In saying this, here is a playlist of some of the songs I added for my January 11, 2015 journey through the Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Greenville Spartanburg airports. The collection of music is highlighted by new music from Wilough Smith, who released a short EP yesterday titled Interdimensional Tesseract, which the songstress describes it as, "Just for ambient vibes." Philly rapper Tunji Ige, owner of a popular track "For Us", YGTUT's Preachers Son, and knocking productions from SangoBeats are also featured. Enjoy the playlist below, and if you are traveling be safe!