KITH x Aimé Leon Dore Collection / by Alex Young

New York lifestyle brands KITH, founded by Ronnie Fieg, and Aimé Leon Dore, founded by Teddy Santis, have joined for a friendly collaborative collection. As good friends and founders of their respective brands there is a certain commonality between Kith, ALD, Fieg, and Santis, a commonality the latest collection draws upon: perseverance. Ronnie Fieg explored the concept of perseverance in competitive environments finding a fitting analogy between the world of fashion and boxing. KITH x Aimé Leon Dore takes inspirations from Muhammad Ali and other greats of his era and translates them onto key apparel silhouettes that were selected from each brand and then redesigned to create a cohesive look from KITH and Aimé. Also, interestingly enough, each garment is named after streets in Queens, NY that played a pivotal role in the lives of Fieg and Santis. The pieces chosen are Aimé's Astoria Robe that is updated with a two button front placket, the Hillside Crew, the Hollis Hoody which reimagines KITH's Frayed Hoody with its waffle-thermal lining, and the classic Roosevelt Pant that also features a waffle-lined treatment. A simple knit beanie, as well as the collection's black and Oxblood color scheme ties the range together. Shop the entire 10-piece KITH x Aimé Leon Dore collection now at and the KITH Manhattan store at 644 Broadway, New York, NY.