Jay Prince - BeFor Our Time (EP) / by Alex Young

I, along with the rest of InTheRough staff and friends, have definitely found a soft spot for UK rappers, thank you Loyle Carner. So when scrolling through Instagram I came across a post from SXSW that included the words "Jay Prince", "East London", and "hip-hop". I was sold. I explored further hitting said London rapper, Jay Prince's SoundCloud and noticed he in fact was not a new discovery to me as I had previously heard his song "Polaroids" released in the summer. This "rediscovery" of Jay Prince comes with a gift, BeFor Our Time, the artists latest EP. Much like Loyle Carner's A Little Late, Prince's project delivers a "London chill" with its mellow vibes, not to mention its impressiveness overall. You can find the East London rapper producer at SXSW 2015 and his EP at beforourtime.com.