VibeRotation 9 / by Alex Young

Music has become an essential part of my life. Growing my iTunes music library on a daily basis has become a hobby of sorts, which I have been able to showcase in my VibeRotation posts. My daily hunger to find new artists and absorb good music requires food: my sources. Whether its from various blogs or the artists themselves, my favorite source is from my friends. I am a college student. Whatever your university, there are many common areas, classrooms, student centers, parties, and kickbacks where music provides the rhythm for thought, conversation, and expression. My friends expand my iTunes library tremendously as I experience artists from their hometowns, they have seen live, that tie to a specific story, the list goes on. Emotion is tied to all of the music we listen to and it is interesting to see all the spirit my friends illustrate with each song played. In all of this, VibeRotation 9 celebrates the human experience that is music sharing. Housed in this playlist are songs my friends and I have enjoyed recently. The music selected pays respect to the entity late A$AP Yams founded, celebrates Joey Bada$$ and the release of his debut album, illustrates InTheRough's LA heritage with songs from Nipsey Hussle, includes new music from Marietta, GA native K.Camp, and more. Enjoy the offering below and be sure to follow ITR on SoundCloud.