Rome Fortune Featuring D.R.A.M. - 24-7 / by Alex Young

Philadelphia born rapper Rome Fortune carries a versatile sound with pleasant lucid beats that at times come across as trippy. His intriguing sound does not come as a surprise when the character walks into a room with an aqua-green beard covering his face. Fortune's engaging quality makes for catchy and relatable lyrics. Yesterday the rapper celebrated his 27th birthday releasing a new song called "24-7" with D.R.A.M., the man who sings "I like to cha cha, I like to cha cha with a Dominican..." The new track talks about the reluctance some have to commit to a relationship knowing the massive time and energy they consume. "I'm good on your love if it's 24-7," D.R.A.M. sings in the hook. Listen to "24-7" below and happy belated, Mr. Fortune.

Source: Pigeons and Planes