Introducing, Piers James - 80's Baby / by Alex Young

Rap from the United Kingdom is no fad, it is creeping across United States radio waves, playlists and into ears around the world. UK rap is as ostentatious, proud, reflective and dirty as its founding counterpart. A sub-genre called Grime fronts the crowd along with boom bap and contemporary stylings from artists like Skepta, Little Simz, Jay Prince and Danny Seth.

No need to yell, "The British are coming," because they are already here. On the horizon, however, ready to make his entrance into Boston Harbor is Piers James. Hailing from London the rapper separates himself from his British cohorts thanks to melodic and relaxed vintage sounds influenced by '90s hip-hop. Here highlights Piers' first release in 2015, "80's Baby". The song is an example of progress in his skill and popularity, his growth will garner him more attention here in the U.S.

Introduce yourself to Piers James and "80's Baby," the first single from his upcoming Green Screens In Visible View EP, below. Explore more of his work on his SoundCloud and website.