Observe Urban Exploration in New York City / by Alex Young

Victor G. Thomas III, better known as Vic.Invades on Instagram, is an urban explorer, or  "UrbExer," in New York City.

The Brooklyn native, Thomas, is an extreme explorer who frequents underground subway lines and skyscraper rooftops, dangerous and illegal locations, all for photographs.

"Trespassing is definitely what I do," Thomas said. The photographer climbs fences, slides down shingles and stands on train tracks to produce breathtaking visuals of NYC few have seen.

Wealth and exclusivity restrict many New Yorkers from the tall, lavish buildings that overlook the Big Apple. Vic says, "UrbExing certainly is a political thing. I feel like there are no barriers on this planet. Everything is meant to be explored."

The New York Times contributor and director Matthew Bate follows Thomas around his urban playground in a short documentary called "Vic Invades." Viewers can see how the photographer captures his images and why he thinks urban exploration is important.