Ditch Snapchat, get Rapchat / by Alex Hersh

Despite the plethora of applications you probably have on your smartphone, today we present to you the only one that will matter: Rapchat. Cut from the same cloth as the now iconic “burn-after-reading” themed Snapchat, Rapchat follows suit with a unique twist that is sure to add an enjoyable aspect to your online presence and activity within your social networks. Featuring a simple design, Rapchat is an application for both Apple and Android platforms that allows users to choose from a variety of beats, and record 30-45 seconds worth of rap to upload to their social media profiles, or send to specific friends. The recorded raps can only be played once by the recipient, and there is no feature to save each set of bars as of yet. This application is great because it transforms the daunting task of rapping into a fun activity between friends, and allows for the users to flex their minds in a creative way throughout the day without any substantial time commitment or scheduling. Geared with all of the same destruction-based technology as Snapchat, those who are too embarrassed to rap in front of people can rejoice, and those who have never rapped before, can start. This app has the potential to change the way in which we view rap altogether, and virtually destroys any barriers that people might face when deciding if they want to experiment within the genre. Also acting as an incredible platform for upcoming producers, the app features beats from a variety of producers that were made exclusively for the product. This word of mouth offers producers a chance to delineate from the over-saturated environment of beat production, and reach customers and rap fans in a new way. This app represents the growth and discovery that technology can offer hip-hop has a genre, and we truly hope that you cop it for free at your respective appstore and see for yourself the reasons why we use and love it. Check out this page for more information on the software, and if you already have the application, send some bars our way to get featured on the blog! We dare you.