Kanye West Speaks on the Importance of Design / by Alex Young

InTheRough comments on art that is everywhere in our society, be it music, fashion, entertainment, what have you. Our commentary often focuses on the aesthetic, the surface level beauty, the hype, and the culture behind the product highlighted. While we find these aspects interesting and necessary to speak on, time may be better spent examining why the art and why the designs we examine and appreciate are important. At the Daily Front Row's first annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards Kanye West expands upon this thought as he presented Mazdack Rassi with "Fashion Innovator of the Year". Kanye states, "I believe that the world can be changed; the world can be saved through design. Through design, through unselfish design, through unselfish creation." Design has power, power to evoke emotion and conversation that goes a very long way. We see it in sneaker culture today as Nike, Jordan Brand, adidas, New Balance, and Asiscs, just to name a few, at a personal level reach the experiences and lifestyles of people across the globe. Design is a form of self-expression, ask Stéphane Ashpool, who translates his love of basketball played on the blacktops of France into streetwear with Pigalle. Design presents a certain relatability that births narratives and shares stories that cause action. This is so eloquently summarized by Kanye as he says, "Design is the closest to truth, problem solving. Truth is the closest to love. Love is the closest thing to God, and God is love." While colorways, silhouettes, and the pop culture behind art are cool, current, and trendy, they mean nothing without design's holistic authenticity. Watch Kanye's speech at the Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards below.