Keep the Marks Off with Jason Markk® / by Alex Young


Shoes are meant to be worn and with wear come dirtiness. Some people are under the impression dirt on their shoes adds character to their respective silhouettes; the scuffs, toe-drags, and wine stains from last night all represent a story adding a unique quality to footwear. Other shoe connoisseurs may respect the nostalgic sentiments, but prefer their sneakers and boots to be as fresh as possible each time pulled from the box. For those people enter Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner. Developed in Los Angeles, CA by Jason Markk, Jason Markk® effectively cleans and conditions shoes, no matter the surface material. The purple cleaning solution works like magic once applied with the synthetic bristle brush or premium hog bristle brush and wiped clean. Watch the dark marks on a canvas shoe thanks to last night's concert vanish as the solution lathers, or wipe clean the plimsole on Vans to find pearls. Point is, while household remedies work differently each trial and other products deliver spotty results count on Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner when you need it. If you are in the LA area convenience yourself and utilize the Drop-Off Sneaker Care Service at Markk's flagship store in Little Tokyo so the Technicians have your shoes shining. Explore Jason Markk® and the easy cleaning process here, find before and after pictures on the brand's Instagram.