"Pixburgh Merch" / by Alex Young

Ace Hotel, a communal space, hotel, and restaurant in Pittsburgh's East Liberty, prepares to hold a pop-up shop for designer and Pittsburgh native John Geiger, accompanied by Premium Co., a Washington, D.C. based menswear label.

Along with retail of custom Air Force 1 and adidas Stan Smith sneakers, Geiger will specifically offer apparel noting Pittsburgh, the City of Champions.

Geiger shows love for 'The Burgh in his clothing run which honors two legendary cultural contributors. Calling it "Pixburgh Merch," the archival designer pays tribute to David "The Cobra" Parker, a former Pirates Outfielder and the first professional athlete to earn a million dollars-a-year thanks to the contract he signed with the baseball team. Also, Geiger advantageously flips a famous Jay Z lyric from his song "Empire State of Mind."

Serving hoodies and T-shirts, Geiger adorns both with text made popular by the stylish Pirates ball player. "If You Hear Any Noise It's Just Me And The Boys Boppin," originally read a poem Parker authored and lettered on a black shirt. Currently, the phrase will feature on the back of Geiger's hoodies. Additionally, the Jay Z lyric is switched to support Pittsburgh, "We Made the Pirates Hat More Famous Than A Pirate Can," reads the front of Geiger's Pixburgh hoodies. The hoodies come in various colors, like black, camouflage, orange, and yellow. The hand-gestured "New P Logo" is utilized on both Geiger's Air Force 1 and throughout the collection, like on the tan T-shirt.

The entire range from Geiger and Premium Co. is uniquely designed, and exclusively for the city of Pittsburgh. "For Pittsburgh By Pixburgh" tags each piece.

People in the city have the opportunity to purchase the capsule on August 5 at 7 p.m. Ace Hotel will host the pair's shop only until August 6. Follow Geiger on social media as he continues to tease the collection.

Ace Hotel

120 S Whitfield St

Pittsburgh, PA 15206