John Geiger and Premium Co.'s Sneakers for Pittsburgh / by Alex Young

While working on his own footwear label under his personal moniker, John Geiger continues to push contemporary style and Pittsburgh heritage.

His crafty work with the Nike Air Force 1 sneaker, and imaginative designs admiring his hometown, the city of Pittsburgh, reach broad appreciation.

Previously linking with other creative forces in the Steel City for a two-day pop-up shop selling items unique and exclusive to the metropolis, Geiger again sets Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a pedestal. 

This time, partnering with Premium Co., a fashion label based in Washington D.C., Geiger offers another pop-up shop and some detailed sneakers. 

Held at Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh's East side, Geiger and Premium create custom Air Force 1 Low and adidas Stan Smith, respectively. Both pairs are clean white with text and graphics inspired by Pittsburgh lasered on. 

Geiger's shoe, called the "New P Logo," features a hand depicting the letter P with the thumb, index, and middle fingers, as well as the phrase "For Pittsburgh By Pixburgh John Geiger '16" on the outer heels of the shoes. The toe box on the pair makes the map of Pittsburgh. Also, Geiger presents a black and white version of the Air Force 1 Mid model. 

Premium Co.'s delivery, "Burned Bridges," depicts burnt bridge planks as the adidas three stripes logo, plus "Premium Pixburgh '16" and "Burned Bridges" font and illustrations on the outer heels.

Keenly, Geiger and Premium use the nickname "Pixburgh," a slang and cultural reference to the city, in both their creations. It is a testament to their smart design and attention to the popular nature of The City of Bridges.

In addition, view Geiger's progress with John Geiger Collection here and shop Premium wear here.

The fashion labels' pop-up shop will take place August 5-6. Shoe sizes 7-14 are available.

Ace Hotel

120 S Whitfield St

Pittsburgh, PA 15206