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Cool Things Happening in Pittsburgh (Vol. 3) by Alex Young

a piece of history - respect to late Mayor of Pittsburgh Bob O'Connor

a piece of history - respect to late Mayor of Pittsburgh Bob O'Connor

Youth and popular culture in the 'Burgh flourishes because the movers are extremely active in pushing their innovation, creativity, community, and business minds. With this, the responsible public creates masterpieces like events or products that residents and tourists can enjoy.

Basically, the following reports on cool things happening in Pittsburgh to look out for.

1. Uptown Florals 2.0 by Makayla Wray

Cheers to this design prodigy. Since releasing a couple custom Nike Air Force 1 back in 2015, Makayla Wray returns to her bread and butter. Wray's Uptown Florals 2.0 are extensions of her "Warhol Flower AF1" and "BLK AF1" projects, Nike's iconic sneaker decorated with flowers. Officially under the "MAW" label, Uptown Florals 2.0 appreciate Swoosh heritage, Wray's ability to craft premium leather goods (the flower petals on 2.0 are calfskin), and "my uproot from Pittsburgh to New York—parallel to the same path taken by Andy Warhol," she says.

Stylistically, Florals is great. Though Wray spends a lot of time in New York, the Pittsburgh native is back in the city often, and she linked with locals model Donovan Green and photographer Preslav for the shoe's visual presentation.

Only 50 pairs of the Uptown Florals 2.0 will be available on July 1 via at 4:12 p.m. EST. [$280]

2. No Joke with Paizley

Do you want to dance? Come to No Joke and be turnt. Paizley, the DJ, will keep the bangers going. The first time I heard Paizley was a year ago at Finesse with EYEJAY. He threw down, and I left the event sweaty. You can have fun at No Joke because Paizley advertises it as "Trap, Rap & Whatever Else." It's lit.

To give yourself fuel for No Joke on Saturday, July 1 at Remedy in Lawrenceville, listen to Paizley's new mix called "Blue Collar" that celebrates the 'Burgh's underground rap and hip-hop culture. "To be something special in Pittsburgh means working non-stop on your own time and with little resources," he says.


5121 Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

3. Creatives Independence Collection

"Creatives" becomes a way-of-life in Pittsburgh. The brand and slogan honor the people behind great productions. The staple that Cody Baker and Chancelor Humphrey have established in their Creatives Drink party they now transfer into core Creatives garments. The Creatives Independence Collection includes two Champion mesh short colorways and three Champion T-shirt colorways. Each comes with an American embroidered flag. Creatives' range drops on July 4 at 11 a.m. EST and will be available for 24 hours at

4. Summer Livin

Splash around. Enjoy summer. Summer Livin provides energy and feels with food and music at the Highland Park Pool on June 30 from 1-9 p.m. Songbird Sierra Sellers and hot rappers like James Perry, and Lokal Foreners, have performances.

If you miss the pool party, attend LiveFromTheCity's Sun Fest '17 on July 7 in partnership with the 1Hood Media and Boom Concepts collectives. Support a community clothing drive and music.

Highland Park Pool

151 Lake Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Boom Concepts

5139 Penn Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15224

5. Supa Jefe Tour with Kap-G and J.R. Donato at Spirit

Georgia spits out rappers like faucets spit out water. Up and comer Kap-G, the dude who moans "I just took a flick with your girlfriend," is the latest product from The Peach State and he comes to Pittsburgh on July 10. Some of the city's prime rappers like Calvin Portsworth, Pet Zebra, and Pk Delay open for Kap-G.


242 51st Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

6. JAILBREAK Festival

[The] intent is to create strength in numbers by bringing together the diverse groups in this city while having a banging good time doing it.

The theme and date of this event was inspired by Bastille Day, where a mob of over 1,000 people united and stormed the walls of the Bastille prison in Paris, sparking a turning point in the French Revolution.

May JAILBREAK start a massive movement in Pittsburgh that people cannot ignore, an annual festival that brings local talent and local consumers to a big party. Heavyweights Choo Jackson, Benji, Mikey P, Tairey, Slim Tha DJ, DJ Seams, DJ Topgun, and much more entertain the crowd. The underground's best will also be in attendance on July 15 at JAILBREAK. Acquaint yourself with BABYT33TH and 1Geno. Review the entire festival lineup and show up to JAILBREAK for the culture. 

7. InTheRough Features with Geechi P and Yung Mulatto

Here are Pittsburgh's fashion forefather and Pittsburgh hip-hop's creative director. Geechi P and Yung Mulatto respectively move in their own lanes while influencing their peers. Geechi's attention to high fashion and streetwear educates a Pittsburgh public who is behind the fashion curve. Mulatto collects production credits for rappers like Blackboi, and he is the visual connection between artists' image and their music. Both young men are key players in the 'Burgh's progressive society. Learn more about them soon under Life's Goods.

Observing a Gang of Wolves by Alex Young

Gang of Wolves photographed by Alex Young

Gang of Wolves photographed by Alex Young

Success can happen with numbers just like success can happen individually. While readers here know success in Pittsburgh's creative community feeds off of support and togetherness, Gang of Wolves legitimizes the pack mentality as an artistic collective.

Comprised of outgoing twenty-somethings, G.O.W. operates as a multimedia production group delivering graphic, music, and video content. Jacob Finch is the creative director who manages Dillis, Pk Delay, and Patches all of who rap.

Essentially, Gang of Wolves aims to enhance the outputs of a co-working network of artists. Before Dillis, Pk, and Patches linked together they were acquaintances working in the 'Burgh's hip-hop community. Each of the youngsters carries a contemporary persona that appears in photographs, on stage, and on the internet. The G.O.W. artists "understand how to use the internet as the place to go to establish their brands," Finch says. Pk has executed multiple wearable merchandises on the net that have accompanied his music. His "Dad" hats symbolize the smart marketing habits available to Gang of Wolves. Dillis and Patches are clever too. Their latest work, "We're the WET BOYZ, and You're Watching Disney Channel," is so nostalgic with its imagery that the album cover is perfect advertising for a playful project. On the fast-paced web, marketability is valuable for getting attention to specific people or projects.

With training in photography and multidisciplinary graphic design, Finch organizes the Gang of Wolves to be funny and smart in their media on a consistent basis. Inside the building that was formerly known as Allegheny Center Mall on Pittsburgh's North Side, Finch and videographer Alden Roth made G.OW.'s efforts visually cohesive as Dillis, Pk, and Patches wandered around the sprawling facility.

As a group, Gang of Wolves makes its mark with "Grand Opening," video and animation that assists new music singles. Along with promoting music, the gang entertains their audience with thorough visual content to compliment the rappers' lyrics. Music mixes will also be available on the group's SoundCloud. Working in a pack makes Gang of Wolves more efficient in their delivery.

For 2017, those who are interested should look for editions of "Grand Opening" weekly. To learn more about G.O.W. go here or follow them socially here. Introduce yourself to the group with the trailer below shot by Finch.

Cool Things About to Happen in Popular Pittsburgh by Alex Young

Photo by  Jimmy Schaffer  for Faresh Brand

Photo by Jimmy Schaffer for Faresh Brand

People around the Steel City take matters into their own hands when it comes to finding things to do, they simply do it themselves.

Youth and popular culture in Pittsburgh, Pa. flourishes because the actors are extremely active in pushing their innovation, creativity, community, and business minds. With this, events, masterpieces, projects, and products are popping up all over the city for residents and tourists to enjoy.

The following reports on cool things about to happen in Pittsburgh to look out for.

1. The City Presented by Faresh Brand

"Pixburgh" apparel company, Faresh Brand hosts a mini festival on April 30 at Spirit Lodge. The mixed-genre event, with blues, rock, and hip-hop, will feature some of the 'burghs best musical acts, and attendees will represent the city's movers and shakers. See PK Delay of The Company Only, hot boys Choo Jackson, producer Christo, and DJ Socratee, along with talents Grandadchilds and Comancheria perform. Admission is free and the show starts at 8 p.m.

242 51st Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

2. 'I'm Just Being Nice' by Mars Jackson and Nice Rec

After local rapper Mars Jackson became the first hip-hop artist signed to label Misra Records, he announced a nine-track project executively produced by Pittsburgh's own Nice Rec to drop before his debut Unemployed Faith album. The new work titled 'I'm Just Being Nice,' is "for those whose been on this journey with me,"  and dedicated to his mother, Jackson says. The alternative hip-hop artist declares through his Instagram that the offering will drop before the end of April.

Photo by Keep Pittsburgh Dope

Photo by Keep Pittsburgh Dope

3. Market Street Block Party

Grocery, eatery, and beverage hookup, Market Street Grocery turned one year-old today. To celebrate, the shop, in collaboration with influencer and city advocate Cody Baker, is having a block party downtown. Join them for food, fun, and to listen to DJ Pete Butta on the tracks April 28 from 6-10 p.m.

435 Market Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

4. Creatives Drink 5

At the Mattress Factory on cinco de mayo, May 5 for non-Spanish speakers, people of creativity can connect, dance, network, and drink together in a motivated and energized atmosphere. Visual artist, food photographer, and event planner Cody Baker, along with partner in crime Chancelor Humphrey of lifestyle platform Keep Pittsburgh Dope, host the party where attendees drink for free. Go to Creatives Drink from 6-9 p.m.

500 Sampsonia Way

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

5. Cam'ron with Hardo and Choo Jackson

On May 13 at the iconic Mr. Smalls Funhouse, hip-hop descends on Pittsburgh as one of Harlem, New York's most entertaining talents comes to town for a headlining performance. Cam'ron, along with local rappers Hardo and Choo Jackson, will be hosted by DJ Afterthought and DJ Motor Mane of Taylor Gang. Buy tickets to the show here and show up before the show starts at 9 p.m.

400 Lincoln Avenue

Millvale, PA 15209

6. Pretty Chill Kickback

In the spirit of intimate and underground parties, representatives of The Company Only and Team Epic rap collectives Joel KellemPK Delay, and Norman Dean will throw a chill get together with music, BYOB, and hookah. Southside Hookah will hold the event, and you can get tickets for the night here. Catch the rappers perform and sets by Alex Rivera and DJ Noel on May 21 at 5-8 p.m. 18-year-olds and up are welcome.

57 South 10th Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

7. Hendawg Millionaire Release Party

To celebrate the release of his upcoming mixtape, Hendawg Millionaire, which releases May 9, Palermo Stone will have a party at incubation hub Boom Concepts. Stone's Rare Nation mate JKJ, KH of Mo'$crill Hotel, DJ Spillz, and others will accompany Stone at the release party. $10 for all ages to enter, $5 admission with a bottle of Hennessy, bring your own beer, and Hook's Chicken comes free with admission. The night kicks off at 8 p.m. on May 14. Promotion for the event, along with others on this list, is provided by Jenesis Magazine, a cultural cultivator whose owner, Thomas Agnew, also runs Boom Concepts with D.S. Kinsel.

5139 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15224