Observing a Gang of Wolves by Alex Young

Gang of Wolves photographed by Alex Young

Gang of Wolves photographed by Alex Young

Success can happen with numbers just like success can happen individually. While readers here know success in Pittsburgh's creative community feeds off of support and togetherness, Gang of Wolves legitimizes the pack mentality as an artistic collective.

Comprised of outgoing twenty-somethings, G.O.W. operates as a multimedia production group delivering graphic, music, and video content. Jacob Finch is the creative director who manages Dillis, Pk Delay, and Patches all of who rap.

Essentially, Gang of Wolves aims to enhance the outputs of a co-working network of artists. Before Dillis, Pk, and Patches linked together they were acquaintances working in the 'Burgh's hip-hop community. Each of the youngsters carries a contemporary persona that appears in photographs, on stage, and on the internet. The G.O.W. artists "understand how to use the internet as the place to go to establish their brands," Finch says. Pk has executed multiple wearable merchandises on the net that have accompanied his music. His "Dad" hats symbolize the smart marketing habits available to Gang of Wolves. Dillis and Patches are clever too. Their latest work, "We're the WET BOYZ, and You're Watching Disney Channel," is so nostalgic with its imagery that the album cover is perfect advertising for a playful project. On the fast-paced web, marketability is valuable for getting attention to specific people or projects.

With training in photography and multidisciplinary graphic design, Finch organizes the Gang of Wolves to be funny and smart in their media on a consistent basis. Inside the building that was formerly known as Allegheny Center Mall on Pittsburgh's North Side, Finch and videographer Alden Roth made G.OW.'s efforts visually cohesive as Dillis, Pk, and Patches wandered around the sprawling facility.

As a group, Gang of Wolves makes its mark with "Grand Opening," video and animation that assists new music singles. Along with promoting music, the gang entertains their audience with thorough visual content to compliment the rappers' lyrics. Music mixes will also be available on the group's SoundCloud. Working in a pack makes Gang of Wolves more efficient in their delivery.

For 2017, those who are interested should look for editions of "Grand Opening" weekly. To learn more about G.O.W. go here or follow them socially here. Introduce yourself to the group with the trailer below shot by Finch.