A Town Divided by Sneakers by Maxwell Young

Did you know athletic brand behemoths adidas and PUMA were created by a pair of German brothers?  Originating out of Herzogenaurach, Germany, adidas and PUMA were the result of a falling out by the Adolf and Rudolph Dassler brothers during World War II.  The town of 22,000 people, which both brands claim as their hometown, has been divided by the rivalry.  "The city of bent necks" for the way everyone would first glaze at another's shoes has been so polarized by this divide that its mayor balances out his wardrobe with adidas and PUMA apparel  equally.  The feud that has isolated the northern and southern parts of the town has supposedly come to an end with the proposal of joint practices between the "pumeraner" and "adidassler" soccer clubs.  Officials from both brands say the feud is over, but history of the divide is evident in these visuals provided by Wall Street Journal.