Note Number 1: Jeans for Summer from J.Crew / by Alex Young

Today InTheRough begins a new concept, Notes--the destination ITR members and friends personally deem a Good worth paying attention to on a specific day.

I have a challenge finding jeans for the warm months. I struggle with my desired color, "do I go with white, indigo, or light wash," the fit, and the stress level. Spring and Summer come with a relaxed air, casual breeze, and fun, themes my clothing certainly aims to match. I trusted J.Crew's denim selection would include something to my liking, added with the brand's sophisticated-casual style. My sized 30/34 484 Kaihara Denim In Faded Light Wash jeans are the winners. They are slim with room to breathe, especially important in areas of high humidity since nobody likes their jeans sticking to their legs, and come with hand-distressed marks, one on the left knee which I have opened to a bigger hole for more air flow. The Kaihara Denim, a Japanese fabric, increases the quality and comfort of the jeans assuring that movement is not restricted. Overall these 484s from J.Crew exude the casual aesthetic I was in search of and go perfectly with a low-top sneaker, like my reverse Breton stripe Converse Jack Purcell Signature Canvas sneakers. Browse J.Crew's denim here and enjoy the visuals above!