Choo Jackson - Go Home / by Alex Young

Photo by  ForgetBrennan

Photo by ForgetBrennan

Natively from Vero Beach, Fla., musically Choo Jackson places his origins in Pittsburgh, Pa.

After touring with Pittsburgh comrade Mac Miller during his GO:OD AM tour, granted by Jackson's REMember Music affiliation, success from his debut album Broken Hearts Make Money, and singles like "Tony Anthony Freestyle," the rapper is steadily building his mainstream audience.

Rapper Jackson entices listeners because his music is genuine. Lyrics like, "I don't wanna die all alone. I thought you was mine I was wrong. And I don't wanna ball all alone," speak to companionship. In the aforementioned "Tony Anthony Freestyle" and the song "Family First," Jackson explains how family life drives his music career saying, "For my family i do what i can yea!"

Jackson makes it apparent he pours his soul and hard work into his cultivated sound. People do not have to search far to find relatable messages from the artist, a fact that shall aid Jackson as he offers new material.

Next month, Feb. 9 specifically, Jackson will release a project titled Anime mixed by Pittsburgh fellows bradley Atom and Christo. In promotion for the record, Jackson drops off a new single, "Go Home." While fans should anticipate more introspection from the rapper, "Go Home" alludes to Jackson's entertaining and motivational enthusiasm. Listen to the track below.