InTheRough Style - "Listen To The Kids, Bro!" (Playlist) / by Alex Young

Photo by Alex Young

Photo by Alex Young

In an effort to represent the new age of hip-hop, R&B, soul, electronic-house and pop InTheRough Style delivers its latest playlist, "Listen To The Kids, Bro!" The collection of music, appearing on SoundCloud, draws inspiration from Kanye West's famous 2015 VMA Vanguard Speech. West says,

I’m confident. I believe in myself. We the millennials, bro. This is a new mentality. We’re not gonna control our kids with brands. We not gonna teach low self-esteem and hate to our kids. We gonna teach our kids that they can be something. We gonna teach our kids that they can stand up for theyself! We gonna teach our kids to believe in themselves!

While some found his declaration for presidential candidacy in the speech absurd, his words capture an "impossible is nothing" type attitude. When he exclaims, "Listen to the kids, bro!" it is a call to action for youths to do anything and everything they set their minds to.

Contemporary artists in the mix like Justin Bieber (Journals > Purpose), Choo Jackson, Mick Jenkins and Cal Scruby are testaments to the fact that millennials are self-made go-getters. Plus, thanks to platforms like SoundCloud and Bandcamp, more young artists are able to showcase their work to large audiences.

New flavors from lauded artists, like 50 Cent's "Too Rich," reminds the youngsters out there to respect their elders.

ITR also continues its spotlight on London rap including Piers James and Adian Coker. Both artists recently debuted projects, Green Screen In-Visible View - EP and Time Out of Mind - EP respectively.

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