Mars Jackson - Jack$ino 2 / by Alex Young

"When Mars speaks niggas listen."

The lyrics end a song called "Jack$ino," released by Mars Jackson last year, in which the Pittsburgh artist motivates with confident bars. He declares himself "the new prince of the city," a title that foreshadowed the rappers' current ascension.

Mars' puts in hard work for "family reasons," and it is paying off, as he capitalizes off a Misra Records deal, shows relatable qualities in his latest project, "I'm Just Being Nice," and, at the moment, relishes in a Pittsburgh only tour.

Continuing to progress, Mars makes headlines for a new effort, "Jack$ino 2." The rapper upgrades his crown in light of his recent success, and says in the song, "I remain humble on some king shit." Flaunting nothing other than his musical prowess, Mars is having fun, along with being nice.

His friendly qualities attract listeners and concert goers alike. Enjoy "Jack$ino 2" below and see Mars Jackson June 4 at Spirit Lodge for Layer Cake Festival, a music festival with 170 plus bands, and June 5 at Club Cafe, as he opens for JMSN, who tours nationally for his new R&B album, "It Is." Check more of Mars Jackson's tour dates here.

Spirit Lodge

242 51st Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Club Cafe

56 S 12th Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203