Mix by Cautious Clay for InTheRough / by Maxwell Young

Cautious Clay's biggest influences are soul and jazz because growing up that's what his parents were playing--I'm talking The Delfonics and crooners, like Jill Scott.  As he continues to hone his musicality on the flute and saxophone as well as the control of music production and beat making, his ear has always been pointed toward the future.  

I’m really about this future beats thing, just the concept and the perspective on music, like making music that’s oriented towards the future...making your own sound in a way that’s more respectively you, not just beats.
— Josh Karpeh AKA Cautious Clay

In Clay's exclusive mix for InTheRough, the past, present and future are beautifully amalgamated into a 19-minute groove.   We can hear the nostalgia of his upbringing as "Golden" by Jill Scott makes its way to the foreground, yet we also get a grasp of his ability to mesh contemporary sounds as he transitions to "Her" by Majid Jordan.  The futurism of Cautious Clay's track doesn't necessarily transport you to the year 2080, but the house synths, funky rhythms and piano melodies that move us in and out of each song within the mix are authentically his.  The array of sounds makes you move.  Listen to Clay's mix below and be sure to download it for future listening pleasures.