The Pi'erre Bourne Playlist / by Alex Young

Meet Pi’erre Bourne, a 23-year-old producer out of Queens, New York who has managed to cultivate a distinct sound for the likes of Atlanta rappers Playboi Carti and Young Nudy. In a short 3 weeks, the Pi’erre Bourne produced track “Woke Up Like This” by Playboi Carti featuring Lil Uzi Vert has over 11 Million plays on Soundcloud, and has received nods from the Fader and XXL Magazine. Bourne’s infectious instrumentals serve as the perfect platform for the emerging wave of today’s so-called internet rappers to effortlessly float over—and rank extremely high on our list in terms of replay value.

Hopefully we aren’t speaking to soon, but it seems as though the wait is over and Carti season is officially upon us. If the clear chemistry on the well-received “Woke Up Like This” is any indication, there’s no doubt the two will be frequent collaborators moving forward. Be prepared to hear more beats by Pi’erre Bourne on Playboi Carti’s highly anticipated forthcoming mixtape. 

As made evident by posts on his social media accounts, Pi’erre Bourne is constantly working, and that work is just beginning to pay dividends. So, take our word for it and familiarize yourself with who is sure to be one the biggest new producers in rap. As a prequel to the Carti tape and whatever else Pi’erre Bourne has been cooking up in the studio, listen to ITR’s “Pi’erre Bourne Playlist” below and watch Carti hint at Pi'erre delivering "that Carti sound" in an interview with Lil Yachty for Fader.